45 70 brass


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45 70 brass | 45 70 brass for sale

Hornady Unprimed Brass

– Caliber: 45/70 Government
– 50 Per Box

  • Once fired brass cartridges with mixed headstamp. For the reloader who likes to process their own brass. All cases have been magnetically screened and machine sorted.  All our once fired brass is packaged in vacuumed sealed bags.  This protects the brass and inhibits tarnishing.
    • Raw: (50) For the reloader who likes to process their own brass.
    • Polished: (50) Brass has been tumbled in stainless steel pins for a very clean and shiny finish inside and out. Brass is comprised of mixed headstamps, both nickel and brass casings. 
  • New Brass: (50) New unfired, unprimed brass from various manufacturers in 50 count boxes.  The brass is unfired and unprimed. It is in its original packaging, except for Starline brass.  We purchase this brass in bulk and package the brass in vacuum sealed bags like our once fired brass.   Unprimed Brass for sale


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